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Purity, Integrity, Timeless Simplicity...

For over 20 years Lone Wolf bows have lead the pack when it comes to superior bow designs

ALL Lone Wolf bows exhibit exceptional draw qualities: very tight Brace Tension, Vertical Stability and Controlled Limb Recovery. What these three important elements do for the archer is provide as consistent level nock travel as possible with a finger release and provide a maximum transfer of energy to the arrow without compromising arrow flight.

Controlled Limb Recovery is a design element that was present in Lone Wolf bows long before Matthews made such a big impact on the compound industry in the early 90's promoting level nock travel. Controlled Limb Recovery is how our bows, which have a mass of 16 ounces or less, can shoot smoother and have superior arrow flight than a bow weighing 2 or 3 times more.

The evolution of design - all aspects - is a continual passion with me. I will never take for granted that a better product cannot be produced. We use the most advanced computer controlled curing system available and Lone Wolf bows incorporate the latest advances in adhesive technology (Importance of Adhesive Technology). I don't believe it is boastful to claim that Lone Wolf bows are the best quality money can buy.

I hope I have effectively expressed our commitment to producing a top quality product. It has always been my desire to educate archers interested in purchasing a traditional bow of all the elements that are necessary to produce a top quailty bow. I make no apologies for not turning out higher production numbers each year. Quality takes time, dedcation and knowledge.

I encourage you to shoot as many bows as possible, compare them to our bows. Ask questions about the elements you've learned and be very cautious of anyone downplaying the importance of any of the information contained within this website.

                          Good Luck! John Maus

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